Quinta da Tapada de São Pedro is developing sustainable eco-farming, wherein the agricultural practice is conducted in harmony with the natural ecosystem dynamics, thereby fostering a fruitful cooperation among natural and cultivated species and a sustainable balance in natural resources.

This strengthens both natural and agricultural resilience against environmental stresses and prevents depletion of nutrients, which are rather retained in a sustainable loop across the eco-agricultural system in the quinta.

A healthy aquifer sits underground at the quinta, providing consistent water supply to both touristic and agricultural activities. A responsible use of this invaluable resource is being fostered through conscious consumption, so that that water vault is not depleted.

Moreover, the eco-agricultural development aims at enhancing the efficiency of water retention of the landscape, so that in the brief but intense Alentejo rain events the water is guided into the ground rather than lost in erosive overland flow, thereby also avoiding loss of nutritious soil.

This will help the groundwater levels to remain at a healthy level, allowing us to comfortably welcome our discerning guests and produce delicious homegrown organic food whilst withstanding the challenging drought conditions faced by Portugal in general and Alentejo in particular.

As the farm expands, so does its diversity, as species are being selected that help each other thrive through a systematic water and nutrient cycling in the agro-ecosystem. This is a work in progress, and you will be able to witness our efforts as we defy the desertification of Alentejo by embracing its natural ecosystem and its synergy with the careful agricultural choices allying tradition with sustainability, so that the quinta is able to sustain itself in a healthy productive balance for generations to come.