Long-Term Stays

At our Quinta we also offer tailor-made solutions for longer-term guests seeking an inspiring place to stay, work and relax for one to several months.

Typically, during off-seasons we host location-independent professionals (e.g. digital nomads, writers, researchers), along with global explorers and lifestyle travellers seeking unique new special places with natural and cultural heritage to explore, off the beaten track, yet endowed with all the modern comforts and accessibility.

Our Global Traveller Studio is a self-catering accommodation in traditional Alentejo architecture while endowed with modern comforts, including air conditioning, free dedicated Wi-Fi and TV.

The studio comprises a comfortable double bed, private bathroom, fully-equipped kitchenette, along with seating and study area. The studio opens to a porched patio for outdoor dining or even working with a view over the gardens, swimming pool and the broader landscape.



Further from the accommodation per se, the Global Explorer & Digital Nomad experience at our Quinta includes participation in our dedicated workshops and networking initiatives, further benefitting from our academic and professional connections.

Aside from owning and running the Quinta, we have lived and coevolved with a diversity of cultures throughout our colourful careers. Even though nowadays we are geographically settled in Portugal, the inspiring exchange of experiences and ways of life continues as we nurture our beautiful farmlands, host fascinating guests and take them on a delightful immersion journey into the local Alentejo heritage and lifestyle.

For further information and queries, please contact us.